As the name goes, a free spin is a spin of a reel awarded to gamblers or players whereby they don’t have to pay so as to spin. In this regard, if the casino awards you 15 free spins, then it means that you are allowed to spin 15 times on a certain slot machine without having to pay or deposit money in your account and if it happens that you win, then all your prize winnings gets deposited into your play money or bankroll.

On most occasions, free spins are always associated with specific games and mainly allow players to be introduced to casino gambling risk-free. However, any winning that players get to enjoy have a number of wagering requirements associated with them. In this way, the money has to be played for a certain amount of times before players/gamblers can claim it. As always, it is important to check terms and conditions offered by different casinos carefully. Just like any other type of bonuses, free spins are a great way of testing out different types of games that are available on the market. Of importance to note is that if the wagering appears to be high, there are high chances that the winnings will be small.

Free spins are usually awarded to players through bonuses or promotions and are automatically set to a specific number of lines that vary according to the promotion in place. Players can exit or put the game on hold when enjoying their free spins, and subsequently continue when they feel like. However, it is imperative to note that free spins will only remain valid on a single game at a given time. Currently, in nearly all casinos that are available, free spins are tied to one game only. If you happen to be awarded free spins, you will be immediately notified as soon as you open up an eligible game with the notification going ahead to display the number of free spins that you have coupled with the value of each spin.

A lot of people wonder why casinos offer them free spins. In simple terms, it is to make them happy and continue being their customers. Casinos have realized that in order to beat the cut-throat competition that is out there, they must devise ways of making their customers happy. Among other means of achieving this end, free spins are coming out as a strategy that a lot of casinos seem to be lately embracing in mass.

By far, free spins are one of the favourite types of bonuses that casinos use for purposes of attracting and retaining their clients. A free spin allows gamblers to participate and subsequently enjoy the thrill of the game that they are playing in one of its purest means. Free spins are means or tactics of keeping customers loyal and if you examine closely, you will find nearly all casinos offering their clients free spins from one time to the other. If you are a gambling enthusiast, a free spin is an opportunity/chance that you should fully utilize since you could win real money without making any deposits.